Wednesday, September 1, 2010

✿ Jawapan dari Nuffnang ✿


Sebelum ni ct ada meluahkan sedikit kekeliruan atau tanda tanya mengenai Nuffnang di entry
sila baca untuk lebih faham

Setelah tiket dihantar  dan ini lah jawapan dari pihak Nuffnang.

The campaign mentioned is still ongoing.

Visibility of ads varies for different scenario.

For CPC campaign, advertisers normally buy a number of clicks of the ad to be spread out through duration of time. For example, if an advertiser purchase 700 clicks for a duration of 7 days that will mean that only 100 clicks are allocated each day. And as such, on every day during the campaign, the ad will continue showing in all blogs which are not showing CPM campaigns and opted for \'Show Global CPC Ads\' till 100 clicks have been used up. Upon then, it will no longer show for the day. Once the clock strikes 12am (which is the universal time stamp that marks the beginning of a new day), the allocation will begin anew and thus it will show again.

For mCPM campaigns (which will be shown under Buffered Earnings Table), advertisers buy a certain number of unique visitors from your blog that will be able to view the ads for a period of time. The number of uniques that they bought will be divided equally to number of days the campaign is meant to run. Let\'s just say if an advertiser buys 1,500 unique visitors from your blog that will be able to see their ads for duration of 1 month, this means, each day (starting from 12AM), the ad will only be visible to the first 50 unique visitors of your blog.

If you really wish to view the ad, we\'ll advise you to check your blog at 12AM and look for it. :)

Rest assured that your account is not banned. If it is, you\'ll not be able to access it at all.

Robb Chew
Blogger Relations Executive

Ct copy dari email untuk sebijik-sebijik yer....Memang sangat friendly la helpdesk Nuffnang ni... lepas 1 ari tiket dihantar dah dapat jawapan (entry ni publish lambat)

Ada lagi hadiah dari Nuffnang di entry akan datang... TUNGGUUU

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  1. oooo.. camtuh ke.. paham2.. tq sebab kongsikan info ni..:)


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